Project: Vices and Virtues

[No time limit, or restrictions. None of the projects I initiate are intended to “end”. This is just a friendly, open invitation.]

I really enjoyed reading other writer’s pieces from the Girls and Boys project from a while back [thanks again guys!].

I wrote a piece [here] on a childhood experience, and I thought I would share the concept with the community, in the form of a new project called “Vices and Virtues”.

If you would like to participate:

  • Simply write about [prose, poem, short story, flash fiction, micro-fiction] any experience [doesn’t have to be from childhood] that has had a profound [or amusing] effect on your personality/ behavior/ beliefs/ habits/ outlook—especially related to values, strengths, qualities, or flaws that have influenced who you have become. 
  • Tag it with vicesandvirtues and amoralfictionalism [to make it easier for me to track].
  • If you write one, [but I haven’t “hearted” it within a few days], send me a message if you’re interested in having your name being added to the list of participants.
  • I’ll post the participants list by the end of this week. It will make it easier if you would “like” this post, so I can track any potential participants. 

I sincerely hope that some of you will write your own pieces for this project. Thanks [in advance] for the consideration!



[Please let me know if

if you should be on this list, but are not.]


Here is the list of the Vices and Virtues project Pioneer Participants [all projects remain open are posted on the Burning Muse page here, as will future projects]:

  • I wanted to start off with a big thanks for making this project just as exciting as the Girls and Boys project was for me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words. Many of the pieces I read make me cry [In a good way]. I hope you got something meaningful [or entertaining] out of it too.
  • Congrats to those of you who were featured for your efforts! 
  • To those who were not featured: I can say with all sincerity that your work deeply moved me. You whole-heatedly get my little blue tag.
  • I hope that you will all consider participating—especially if you have not done so already—in this [or the next community writing project]
  • I added this list to the end of my personal piece. All participants will be linked to on the Vices and Virtues post.

Thanks guys!

Pioneer Participants

Other Participants:

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