Project: Shadows On The Cave Wall

Vices and Virtues Participant list was posted. Thanks to all who wrote a piece! Please check out the incredible entries.

In light of My Ashes Should Be Eaten being featured, I thought why waste an opportunity to share my little blue tag with the community?

  • [In the form of links to pieces written by you—my peers. All Pioneer participants will be linked to on my featured piece. I will also include a link to the project details page on the piece—which will include links to ALL participants.]

So without further ado, here is my new community project idea [name inspired by Plato]. I hope that you will consider participating:

  • Write a piece about seeing the world [a person, place, or thing] from a different perspective. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, prose, poetry, or list.
  • Examples would be: A personal experience, conversation, a news story that blew your mind, writing fiction from the point of view you would not usually express.
  • Please tag your post with shadowsonthecavewall and burningmuse. 
  • Pioneer Participants will be anyone who posts before Midnight next Sunday [US Nov 13, 2011]. After that point the project will remain open and general participants will be linked to on the project details page. 
  • Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested, or if you have questions.

Thank you guys! I hope everyone will consider participating—especially if you have not participated in one of my community writing projects before. 

More writing projects can be found: Here




Thank you guys—for making Shadows On The Cave Wall [the project is still open!] another incredibly enjoyable experience. Here is the list of Pioneer participants. If you notice, most of these entries have already been Featured [Congrats!]. 

  • I will still include this list of Pioneer Participants on my personally featured piece: HERE. This is my small nod of respect to these incredible writers—I absolutely adore you guys!
  • If you missed the Pioneer Participant deadline, you can still participate! Just visit the Shadows On The Cave Wall link above. I will still add names to the participant list—but you may have to give me a heads up if you post one.
  • You can also find other community projects: HERE
  • OR by searching the #TWCP tag from your dash [you can also add your own projects by tagging your post with TWCP. 

Pioneer Participants:

Other Participants:

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      Thank you guys—for making Shadows On The Cave Wall [the project is still open!] another incredibly enjoyable experience....
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